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Hosting over 500 internationally acclaimed exhibitors on a show floor spanning over 80,000 square meters, this March in Guangzhou, AAA 2017 (2017 Asia Amusement & Attraction Expo) was very successful and thought highly by most of exhibitors and buyers. 


Exhibitors Elated by Good Business

While domestic enterprises accounted for the majority of exhibitors, such as Golden Dragon, Golden Horse, Universal Space, G-Look, Sealy, Wahlap, Mecpower,  Guang Yang, Shenghua, Flying Animation Technology, Shunhong, Tongli, Splendid China, Icom, Zhihui, Max, Daxin, Dalang, Hengee, WM International, Hailee, Uibit, etc, our oversea exhibitors included Wavesurfer-AFP Technology from Belgium, Proslide from Canada, Zebec and Pyramid Technologies from the US, GAELCO DARTS SL from Spain, Bandai Namco from Japan, TAA Group and TUV SUD Greater from Germany, Delta Strike from New Zealand, SEMNOX SOLUTIONS from India, etc. 

From exhibitors to visitors, during the 4-day exhibition our attendees were generally in high spirit for thousands of win-win cooperation agreements were reached on site.  For instance, from their post on the social media, we learned that in just 2 days, Golden Dragon sold all of their exhibits and made dozens of appointments with buyers after the show. YERUI did not only sold all their exhibits, but also made new clients, which accounted for about 30% of all costumers they received during the show. On the spot, Huaqin received orders of over 100 amusement equipment. And as a result of AAA’s noticeable effect on promoting business for its exhibitors, the re-attendance rate of AAA has always remained high. This year, the percentage of old exhibitors exceeded 67% and a lot of new exhibitors enthused that they were really looking forward to the next edition.


A Record for Highest Visitor Attendance Was Marked

The exceptional success of AAA 2017 also lied in its impressive visitor turnout of 136,000 person-times, which is the highest attendance in its history. Hundreds of oversea enterprises sent delegates to attend the show, representing over 40 countries and regions, such as the UK, the US, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, etc.

In order to let our attendees better enjoy their trip, the organizing committee of AAA offered them a limited number of free hotel rooms based on the principle of “first come, first served”. And the free shuttle bus to and from the exhibition venue saved a lot of visitors from fatiguing travel.


According to our conversation with new visitors, a great number of them learned about AAA from our advertisement, which suggested that our persistent efforts in domestic and oversea promotion did pay off. And thanks to the kind supports of our old visitors, a lot of new visitors came to AAA under their strong recommendation. What’s more, a lot of exhibitors invited their existing clients to visit them at the show, from which we can concluded that AAA is considered an very effective trade platform for many exhibitors.

VR & AR Products Made up an Significant Part of Exhibits

Together with China Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreation Expo 2017 under one roof, the extensiveness of our exhibit scope was beyond imagination, including amusement equipment, arcade machines, children’s indoor playgrounds, VR and AR technology, water park equipment, theme park design and construction, multi dimensional theaters, PC, video and mobile games, billiards products, acoustic equipment, cinema and theater facilities, vending machines, etc.

In addition, over 500 new products were introduced to the market through AAA 2017,  which highly coincided with our idea of innovation. With visitors delighted by the quality and novelty of the products on site, glowing comments on the exhibits could be heard everywhere.

However, this year’s brightest spotlight was shined on VR and AR technology. A pavilion of over 20,000 square meters was devoted to the display of VR and AR technology, solution and equipment powered by over 100 exhibitors, such as NineD, Movie Power, Leke VR, Shenlinqijing, EFERCRO, TPcast, Foldspace, etc. Through this show, an inevitable trend has been revealed to us that conventional games and entertainment are to be integrated with VR & AR technology in order to provide its users with diverse experience. On site, you could find the VR or AR version of many traditional entertainment and games, such as VR shooting games, VR action games, VR roller coasters, VR haunted house adventure, interactive AR children’s playground, etc. 

The 6th Asia Theme Park Development Forum Honored by Big-Name Speakers

2 days before AAA 2017, the 6th Asia Theme Park Development Forum was held, receiving an audience of over 400 professionals from leading enterprises. Over 20 industry leaders were invited to address on the hottest topics, ranging from the planning, design, construction, and management for theme parks and attractions, to the future trend of Asian theme park market. 

This 2-day high-level conference was deeply honored by the attendance of the following speakers: Mr. John M. Wells, Senior Design Director of ThinkWell Asia, Mr. Thomas Megna, President of Asia Pacific Division of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), Mr. Víctor Cavaller, General Manager of TAA of Universal Studio, Mr. Kevin Williams, Founder of KWP and DNA, Mr. David Younger, Author of Theme Park Design Theory, Mr. Danny Simon, CEO of The Licensing Group Ltd and Former President of 20th Century-Fox, etc.


Voting Result of Lejiang Award Coming up Soon

If not for the commitment and hard work of all insiders, China’s amusement industry could never have been so prosperous. As an tribute to the most outstanding contributors of this industry, Lejiang Award is established last December. So far, dozens of AAA’s exhibitors have signed up as candidates, including Daxin, Wahlap, Flying Animation Technology, Shunhong, Neofuns, etc. After experts, insiders and consumers experienced their products at AAA 2017 and later vote for them online, the result will be released soon this May. If you are eager to know to whom this award will go, please stay tuned for it.


Over a Hundred Media Partners Contributed to the Success of AAA 2017

Throughout the organization and preparation for AAA 2017, the contribution of following media partners should not be left unremembered: International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI), Inpark Magazine, Malilaup Magazine, Casino and Business Life Magazine, The Stinger Report, Amusementparksnews.com, Highwaygames.com, Asia Attractions, China Game, Amuse Wind, Amuse China, Gpebook.com, Amunion, Business First-Line, Bacera Information, China Electronic Amusement Magazine, chinarides68.com, etc.

Here is a video report of AAA 2017 made by one of our staunch media partner.

Website: https://v.qq.com/x/page/v0382987o8q.html

AAA 2018 to Be Back With Larger Scale; G & A Coming up Soon

AAA will be back next April with an expected exhibition floor of 100,000 square meters, 5,000 booths and over 600 global exhibitors! But if one year is too long an interval for you to wait, then you can also attend G & A 2017 (China (Zhongshan) International Game & Amusement Fair 2017), also one of the best game and amusement trade show in the world, coming up soon this August!   

If you are interested in AAA 2018 or G & A 2017, please follow our official website or contact us through e-mail and telephone for more information. 



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